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Ezra Koenig at Lollapalooza in Brazil (Photos by Manuela Scarpa/Photo Rio News)

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No one get’s lynched for exfoliating is the greatest come back I’ve ever witnessed.


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Some people sent me the same question, so I’m gonna clarify it to my dear confused gringo followers: yes, tonight’s kiss wasn’t exactly the first gay kiss to happen in Brazilian television. There were three to four lesbian kisses and one gay kiss in an extinct TV channel. What made this one so relevant is the fact it was the first one in prime time, and the first male gay kiss Rede Globo ever did. It was terribly important because they became the main couple, not because it was planned from the start, but because the audience loved the characters so much, they cheered for them, and wanted to see them together. Felix was the soap opera’s main villain and everyone wanted a redemption for him because he was basically the only thing worth watching in one of the shittiest telenovelas I ever saw.

It’s a historical moment because they cared about the couple’s popularity. It happened naturally like any other couple, they weren’t tokenized and basically everyone was crazy to see them together. I’m seeing people on facebook saying people screamed on their buildings and streets… of joy. So, IDK, it is a big deal, because representation matters, but it’s even better when there’s general positive reception of it.

Agora chora as recalcada que #Feliko é canon. WOOO!!!


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